Agnieszka Koncewicz-Sambor was born in Katowice and moved about 20 times in her life. She is a multiplanetary species, she loves Olkusz, Barcelona or Reykjavik equally. She has no roots but her home was never on the ground. If Elon Musk was ready with his Dragon spacecraft, she would certainly be living on Mars by now.


A motorization, cats, street art and fashion lover. Not only does she make “irregular choices” when it comes to footwear, but she is also inspired by any state of aberration: a hole scorched in the tablecloth, hiccup or flat coke.

She meets friends in the toilet, on the Internet, under an umbrella at the “Męskie Granie” concert when it suddenly starts to rain. She gets energy from them, but also takes care of their fate. She always has a talisman that she can give them, a kind of a shield against powers of darkness, a lucky coin, a whole family of Guatemalan “worry dolls” that help to get rid of worries. She dreams about some antipodes, moon rocks, forests and aliens. Then she gets Michał up to tell him immediately about her visions, or … she paints. She paints to release energy, to bestow it on others. She outstretches her finger to us, like in the painting in Sistine Chapel, she turns her personal hotspot on and opens Bluetooth of our imagination.